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They kick ass! Got a set of the 150's today. Machining is excellent and they bolted up no problem. Haven't taken any measurements or angles yet but the ride did not disappoint. Cornering is vastly improved and the bike feels alot closer to an M6 than the "long travel trail bike" many people describe the socom as.

- irider

Overall the bike feels more like a race bike, slacker, longer and lower to the ground.

Got about 7 good runs on a trail that I know very well and holy cow does this thing rail now! It is a monster through corners and didn't have any problems clearly the rocky sections of the trail with the lower bottom bracket height. Also the slacker head angle really helped on a couple of steep rolls. I really love the new geo of the bike.

- mullarks

I noticed a different feel when I sat on it last nite when the bike was done. I had a squat to it, and I knew it was going to rail. The Uzzi VPX has changed. I've never went as fast as I did this morning. The feeling of being locked in turns by speed is gone, I would describe it as fvcking responsive.........

- rick the welder

They bolted straight on to my socom and the geometry quoted is exactly what you will get. The numbers might not sound like much but they make a big difference. Just get them.

- g wayne

Nice review on his website... http://www.oldmtngoat.com/slackers-d...ocoms#more-336

- old mountain goat

Saturday morning headed out to a short technical downhill track for some shuttle runs. This track is about a 2 minute run for me. There is lots exposed rocks and tree roots and quite a few smallish drops.

Just sitting on the bike at the start of the first run I could notice the huge difference just 1 degree makes overall. As everyone before said, you really do feel a lot more like you sit in the bike.

Riding this track the bike felt a lot more stable and I was able to carry enough speed into some of the tight corners at the bottom of the track that I was getting both wheels sliding through it.

After 2 runs I made some changes to the fork as I was bottoming out and it felt even quicker.

- jamief 82

Recieved my 150 slackers in the mail this morning. Bolted them on, went shuttling wow this is a full on dh bike!!!! The front end lofts easier. it sits lower and corners like it is on rails.

- j.k stanley

I thought it might make a difference but not THAT much...boy was I wrong! All I have to say is.....AWESOME!

It totally changes how the bike handles. I personally love the slightly longer wheel base; it helps the high speed stability (I like a longer wheelbase as I'm 6' 2"). Taking a few downhill runs in certain areas I could immediately tell a major difference. There's one section that if I go balls out, the back tire gets sketchy. Also in some really rocky areas, it does the same thing. With the slackers, the bike is staying glued to the trail way better.

Corners are railing - never thought a change like this could make such a difference! Also, it's much more stable at speed and it feels like I'm more part of the bike. Not really "in" the bike, but, I'm definitely not feeling like I'm on top of it anymore, if that makes any sense. It's hard to explain, but, definitely a more confidence inspiring stance on the bike. Climing I notice I have to get over the bars a bit more, but, hardly any. It was more of an awareness thing so no big deal. I didn't have to change any of my shock settings as it seems to be good to go. I've messed around with them just to experiment and come to find it was dialed before the change. All I can say is if you want to revive your Uzzi, GET SOME! It will change your bike and you will love them long time

- daverach 2478

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